11/150 UKFAST Manchester 10k

Sunday morning Glenis ran the UKFAST UKFAST WE LOVE MANCHESTER 10K. That lucky girl is visiting the UK for a few weeks and decided she better run a little bit while she is there!

“The UKFast We Love Manchester 10k is known for its fast route and friendly atmosphere as well as its popularity in the region – commonly known as ‘the peoples race’. We welcome runners of all abilities, in this the perfect 10k event to beat your personal best, meet other runners and to raise money for charity, with over 3,000 entrants in 2016” according to their website.

It sounds like it was a lot of fun. She said it was a really hot day but I know Glenis, she loves the heat she would have been grinning ear to ear!

Glenis is having a great time visiting the UK, she has even taken a side trip to Spain.

I wish I was over there to run with my sister, and cheer her on. I know she missed me trotting by her side. She did send over a few pictures of her accomplishment!

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Raid the Rib 2016

Interesting weather for April last Sunday. It was cold, below freezing, damp and even a little snowy at times. Not quite want we expected for a mid-April romp through the woods. It was just perfect weather for Raid the Rib at Albion Hills Conservation Area. From what we could tell the organizers from Don’t Get Lost had a great turn out for the race.


Blister Sisters and the Butterfly in action - Facebook images from Don't Get Lost.

Blister Sisters and the Butterfly in action – Facebook images from Don’t Get Lost. Tx.

Our team had a newbie this year, we were fortunate that Stephanie was able to join our team to make up the required team of three – The Blister Sisters and the Band-Aid (although she would have preferred to be called the butterfly strip!) We arrived in plenty of time to plan our route and to fill Stephanie in how an orienteering race works. She was a great addition to our team.

Studying the maps, we picked out the controls that we thought we could get to with in the 4 hour time limit. We did caution Stephanie that this was just an idea we had, we don’t ever really stick to our plan. When alternatives pop up, chances are we’ll take them, so be prepared for anything!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The first three or four controls were a piece of cake. Partly because of our great map reading skills and partly because the snow cover ground presented a trail right to the control. Track reading goes along with map reading, right?

Off we went down the road and onto the second map. Now, I’ve mountain biked at Albion, it’s a pretty popular place for riding and I have a general idea of there I am when I’m there. I really had no reference for the second map. We had to trust our map reading abilities, which at first proved to be sketchy and we got completely turned around after a couple of controls. No problem, here is where the alternative popped up. We just continued mapping our controls we hadn’t planned on getting but did find just like that. Everything just fell into place!

Other than that little turn around and missing one control we were sure we were going to find, we had a great race. Stephanie survived and we made it back to the finish with minutes to spare!

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Iditarod Trail Invitational

Right now the Iditarod Trail Invitational is going on in Alaska. No I don’t mean the famous dog sled race (although that is going on now too). I’m talking about the Trail invitational that involves people on foot, skis and bike, running, skiing or biking 130, 350 or 1000 mile across the Alaskan wildness.

The 1000 mile race runs from Knik Lake outside of Anchorage to Nome Alaska. For the most part this race follows the Iditarod Trail, the same one that dogs will use but these people head out before the dogs start (in some cases the dogs will pass them by). Fully self-supported; these cyclists and walkers can expect to spend up to a month riding or walking in the wilderness. I can’t imagine sleeping outside in the Alaskan wilderness by myself in a bevy sack on the side on a trail at 40 below but that is what these participants will do if they have to. Tough people these racers.

Iditerod map with Spot tracking of particilants

Iditarod map with Spot tracking of participants.

I’m following Jill Homer, a young endurance athlete/writer who is riding a fat bike in the 1000 mile race. She is the only women in the 1000 mile bike race. I’m so excited because she is almost done! She has made it down the Yukon River and across the sea ice, and now is only about 100 miles from Nome!

Jill Homer Facebook image by JJ Weizel. Check out that bike!

Jill Homer Facebook image by JJ Weizel. Check out that bike!

I’ve followed Jill for a few years in all her exploits ever since I read her first book Be Brave, Be Strong: A Journey Across the Great Divide, an inspiring story of her race in The Tour Divide – 2745 miles from Banff Alberta to Antelope Wells New Mexico (where she broke the women’s time record). I didn’t even know these types of ultra-endurance races existed. It isn’t a bad thing for me to find out about these event now because if I was younger I would probably want to do one dragging Glenis with me – Go Blister Sisters!

I’ve thought of Jill and her stories a few time when I find the going tough in a run. Her strength through adversity reminds me that nothing I do is that hard. I can’t wait for her next book.


Just a quick update. Jill finished 937 miles in just over 17 days, a women’s course record! We are so impressed! Yeah Jill!


Check out Jill Homer’s blog Jill Outside!

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Oh! Happy Days! Spring Training

It is so wonderful to get back in the trails. They are drying up nicely.

Running the mountain bike trails at Ravenshoe.

Running the mountain bike trails at Ravenshoe.

We are determined this year to be in good shape for the season so we are incorporating a little body weight training into our runs. Strong legs and gluts are important to running but we don’t want to discount upper body strength that will make our running more efficient. A strong upper body will power us through tough workouts and races while helping us maintain good form as we train to boost our endurance. Sounds like a plan, right?

You can read more about upper body strength and see some easy exercises on the Women’s Running website.


In the next week we are off to Storm the Trent! We really need to get on our bikes now!

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Free Little Library Update – Not good news

We ran by something pretty disturbing this morning on our run. Our route took us by the Free Little Library I blogged about back on June 6th, 2014. #100happydays Take a Book; Return a Book. What was so disturbing was that it had been torch! Yup, set a fire – a little library fire! It is just so disappointing to see this happen in our community.

All that is left inside is ashes!

All that is left inside is ashes!

We continued our run and I got to thinking, what would make a person to this. Even if it was a group of humans who decided to so this, one person had to light the fire and that one person could have made the decision not to. The act of someone torching the little library also makes me wonder where they will stop; will it be a back yard shed next, a porch or a garage?

Are books that obscure now? I know that books aren’t quite as appealing any more to a lot of people; even we have e-readers, but people still love to hold and read books. Books are knowledge, discovery, escape, and entertainment. Let’s hope they never disappear!

We have to thank the owners of the little library for their generosity in setting it up for the community to use. It’s unfortunate that now it will be gone.

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Happy days and Weekend fun!

Weekend fun!

We never know what we are going to find when we are out for a run.We were on a training run the other day battling the poor slushy footing and unplowed roads. The shoulders of the road hadn’t been plowed so we turned down a “dead end” road just to get away from some traffic. On this particular road if you look around you would think you were up north, the brush comes right to the edge of the road and there are only a couple of houses. Oh yea and there is Frosty, waiting for us at the Dead End sign, hiding behind the piles of snow left by the plow. Too funny, he was the last thing we expected to see. The rest of our run didn’t seem so bad after running into him!

In the afternoon, we donned our Running Free hoodies and headed over to the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life Reunion at Pickering College in Newmarket. We set up a display of shoes and talk to the participants about proper foot wear.

The Relay for Life is one of the cancer society’s major fundraisers. In Newmarket the event will be held on Friday, June 19 at Pickering College. It is an evening event with lots of entertainment, food and an opportunity to walk or run 5, 10, 15, 21k to support cancer research. The event this past Saturday was an opportunity to past participants to sign up for this year’s event.

In 2014 there were 128,735 participants whose hard work raised 42.2 million. We all know that isn’t enough because they are doing it again! You can sign up on line as an individual or get your friends and family together and enter as a team here > Relay for Life

Of course there is a Blister Sister team and anyone can join us!

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Happy Days it’s only minus 12C out!

Happy day! It’s warm out!

It was only minus 12C (10F)this morning, which was much warmer the the minus 29C (-20F) on the weekend. The wind chill on the weekend was brutal – minus 40C or 40F what ever what you looked at it. Cold!
We were just happy to get in a great run on our screw shoes as the sun came up!

Morning run Feb 18

Foggy glasses, blurry eyes and frozen camera but always with a smile when we are running!

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Screw Shoes

Screw Shoes

We’ve run for the last time with crampons that fly off when we least expect it. You know how it is out there, the roads and trails are slick, icy, and slushy and you still “need” to run. So you dig out your crampons, those little rubbers with the picks, chains or coils that are supposed to give you a little extra grip. But sure enough either you can’t find one or both of them or within the first kilometer of running in them, they twist or fly off.

We decided, enough is enough, we decided to screw our shoes.

We dug out a pair of worn but not worn out shoes and then stopped at the hardware store for a package of sheet metal screws. We picked up a package of self-starting, ½ inch sheet metal screws. The shoes we picked were old trail shoes but apparently any shoe will do with the exception of shoes with very thin soles like racing flats. Total cost was about $8.00 for 100 screws, enough for a few years.

cheap fix

1/2 inch sheet metal screws and a screwdriver.

It was really easy to put them in the shoes. All we needed was a flat end screwdriver and a little elbow grease. We put the screws in the raised tread of the shoe. We had no worries about the tip of the screw going right through the sole. We would have to use a longer screw than a ½ inch for that to happen.

We did a little investigation on how many to put in (, and decided on 11. We didn’t put any in the middle of the shoe; we thought we would give it a go with the screws lining the outer edge of the sole. In total our screws only added ½  ounce to the weight of our shoe, not that we care but that seems to be an issue with some runners.

According to Competitive Runner: You can use Screw Shoes on almost any surface. You won’t notice them on pavement, except for the clicking noise. They work pretty well on ice, as long as you are using new screws and the ice isn’t too hard or thin. They are best on hard-packed snow, but only moderately helpful in deep, slushy snow. We figure any traction is welcome.

Finished product, Screw Shoes

Finished product, Screw Shoes

Here’s to winter running and screw shoes.


Here is a little update: We ran on snowy, slushy roads and fresh trails this morning and they worked great!

Screws  in action!

Screws in action!

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#happydays Icebreaker Adventure Run

The Sisters competed in Don’t Get Lost’s Icebreaker Adventure Run down at Chedoke Golf Club in Hamilton this weekend. This event is the end of year event for the ARK group (Adventure Running Kids) as well as a warm up for the Snowshoe Raid in January. The turnout was great, lots of kids and adults participating. We both say we wish we would have known about this sport when our kids were young, we would have been out there with them.

We are ready to go!

We are ready to go!

Chedoke Golf club is a rolling little place at the base of the escarpment, so there were actually two levels to this event. We chose not to climb the escarpment and just find the controls along the base of the escarpment and around the golf course. That didn’t mean we didn’t get some great bushwhacking in or climbing, but we did get some nice running in across the golf course. With a few slips and falls we still managed to collect 430 pts that put us finishing right in the middle of our division.

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#happydays Mid November Run

Mid-November Run

Our long run this week wasn’t too long. It was cold out and sort of bleak and we both had other things on our minds. The holidays are creeping up pretty quickly for two avid knitters and there are still lots of projects to be completed. They seem to be taking over our running time.


You can tell it is cold out from Glenis’s foggy glasses and my foggy camera lens!


Never the less out we went and into the forest. You can just feel yourself relaxing running in the woods! The stress slips away as you crunch over the fallen leaves and trip over the roots.

The trail in the woods

The trail in the woods

We ran a local route that takes us up a hill that overlooks the surrounding wood lot. On a clear day you can see the lake from up there and if you hit the right time in the morning you can see the sun reflecting off the windows of a distant town that makes it look like the town is on fire.

We even took a minute to lay on the brown grass up there and look at the clouds well we planned out the rest of our Saturday. Then, with a giggle, it was off to the local wool store! Bam 10k done!

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