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Screw Shoes

Screw Shoes

We’ve run for the last time with crampons that fly off when we least expect it. You know how it is out there, the roads and trails are slick, icy, and slushy and you still “need” to run. So you dig out your crampons, those little rubbers with the picks, chains or coils that are supposed to give you a little extra grip. But sure enough either you can’t find one or both of them or within the first kilometer of running in them, they twist or fly off.

We decided, enough is enough, we decided to screw our shoes.

We dug out a pair of worn but not worn out shoes and then stopped at the hardware store for a package of sheet metal screws. We picked up a package of self-starting, ½ inch sheet metal screws. The shoes we picked were old trail shoes but apparently any shoe will do with the exception of shoes with very thin soles like racing flats. Total cost was about $8.00 for 100 screws, enough for a few years.

cheap fix

1/2 inch sheet metal screws and a screwdriver.

It was really easy to put them in the shoes. All we needed was a flat end screwdriver and a little elbow grease. We put the screws in the raised tread of the shoe. We had no worries about the tip of the screw going right through the sole. We would have to use a longer screw than a ½ inch for that to happen.

We did a little investigation on how many to put in (, and decided on 11. We didn’t put any in the middle of the shoe; we thought we would give it a go with the screws lining the outer edge of the sole. In total our screws only added ½  ounce to the weight of our shoe, not that we care but that seems to be an issue with some runners.

According to Competitive Runner: You can use Screw Shoes on almost any surface. You won’t notice them on pavement, except for the clicking noise. They work pretty well on ice, as long as you are using new screws and the ice isn’t too hard or thin. They are best on hard-packed snow, but only moderately helpful in deep, slushy snow. We figure any traction is welcome.

Finished product, Screw Shoes

Finished product, Screw Shoes

Here’s to winter running and screw shoes.


Here is a little update: We ran on snowy, slushy roads and fresh trails this morning and they worked great!

Screws  in action!

Screws in action!

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#happydays New Gear for the Long Run

Yesterday, we ran a great 35k.  For something a little different we decided to be driven out 35k and to run home. A point to point run rather than a loop or an out and back route. The down side of getting driven out is you get to see how far you really are running. 35k seems like long way to run when you are looking out a car window.

You have to plan ahead when you are running a long distance. Nutrition, hydration and even bathroom stops all have to be considered. There is also a mental game, getting your head around running that far for “fun” can be hard.

We pretty well have the food and drink under control, however the soreness and pain can be a real mental thing for both of us.

One thing that gets’ to me is how sore my joints are when I run long. My hips are achy during the run and for a few days after. Glenis always laughs when I exclaim 2k from the end that I just want to sit down.

Yesterday, I tried out a pair of CW-X compression shorts. Wow, I should have been listening to myself when I was pitching their benefits at Running Free! What a difference they made on how I felt during the run and how fast I recovered after. I wore a pair of Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts that are designed for joint support in the hips and core area.

For those of you who are not familiar with CW-X, all their products feature patented support webs. The support web is like kinetic taping that doesn’t come unstuck until you take the shorts off. The web design provides joint and muscle support. This support results in increased stability and balance, greater efficiency of movement, better shock resistance in your joints (I think this is what helped me), better circulation and better recovery. Oh yea and you don’t jiggle! Check out their website.

They are definitely going to be my “go to” shorts for our next “big” adventure in September. They are surprising comfortable to wear and I didn’t look nearly as bad as I thought I would in compression shorts (according to my Blister Sister). Now, I just hope that it isn’t really cold the day of our September race or I’ll be stopping at the store to pick a pair of the tights!

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