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#100happydays Day 77 Nature’s little dive bombers!

#100happydays Day 77 Nature’s little dive bombers!

Deerflies, most runners hate them, so does anyone else who wants to enjoy the outdoors in the summer.

Dark-eyed deer fly

Dark-eyed deer fly


Glenis really hates them. She does this little twirly thing when they start to buzz around and then gets a panic look in her eyes and takes off. It’s sort of amusing to me because the flies usually buzz around her more than me. So if is stay a few feet behind her, I’m usually bug free.

You usually see us running with a face cloth clutched in our hand. While it looks kind of silly, that cloth not only wipes up sweat and blood, it smacks bugs and makes a good fly chaser.

Deerflies are in family Tabanidae, genus Chrysops similar to horse flies which can also take a chunk out of you. They are blood sucking pests which can really ruin a good day. Wouldn’t you know it only the females bite, the males are nectar and pollen feeders. Did you know they are attracted to blue? I should tell Glenis…

Bug hat selection

Bug hat selection

The web has lots of ideas to protect yourself from these beasts. One involves a blue cup or bucket covered with stick stuff called Tanglefoot worn on your head! Another is to apply double sided tape to a hat and wear that with all the little suckers stuck to it! That wouldn’t be too yucky, would it? I could see Glenis doing that! Maybe if enough of them were stuck there, we would be faster. Can’t you just see us in our next race running with blue cups covered with bugs on our heads?

What do you think? Could we rock the look?

What do you think? Could we rock the look?

Maybe I’ll just tell her not to wear blue.

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#100happydays Day 76 Our next adventure – The Bad Ass Dash

#100happydays Day 76 Our next adventure – The Bad Ass Dash

The Bad Ass Dash is on Saturday up at the Rock in Georgina.

We think the course is 5 – 6 k and they are boasting 30 obstacles! These obstacle races usually aren’t difficult to run, there isn’t much running involved. Usually you just sprint to the next obstacle and wait your turn to climb over, through or around it.  They are fun, why else would we do them, and they test our abilities, where else would you be able to walk on top of a tractor trailer?  Glenis flies through them while I teeter on the balance beams and cringe at the heights of the walls. Still we are glad we have included them in our schedule this year.

We though we would share a little bit of our training!

The tunnel crawl

The tunnel crawl

The overhead monkey bars

The overhead monkey bars

This should give you an idea what the obstacles really look like!

This should give you an idea what the obstacles really look like!

Thank goodness for our local park playground where we can test our skills or try to develop some.

LOL! What ever we look like we are going to have fun!

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#100happydays Day 75 – Darn weather – where’s summer?

#100happydays Day 75 – Darn weather – where’s summer?

I think a lot of us are still waiting for summer. The temperatures have been below normal and there seems to have been more rainy days than necessary. I mean, I haven’t got tan lines and my grass it growing faster than ever.

#100happydays Day 75 - Darn weather - were's summer?

This was the temperature outside this morning.

To look on the bright side of this cooler summer weather we sat down and made a list. When I asked Glenis to come up with 3-4 reasons why she liked the cooler weather, she told me that it would be tough for her unless I was asking about coolers and then she could list 3 or 4 of her favorite flavors. LOL

While this isn’t a list of cooler flavors, here are our good reasons to like cool summer weather:

  • Because when I’m at work I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything – Glenis
  • I’m not drinking as much – Glenis
  • The grass and weeds don’t grow as quickly (maybe on Glenis’s lawn)
  • Cheaper air conditioning bill – Glenis
  • Fresh air – Glenis
  • Can still cuddle with my favorite blankies at night – Glenis
  • Still wearing my all in one jammies – Glenis
  • Can let the hair grow on my legs because no one is seeing them – Glenis
  • Still feel like I have time before bathing suit weather is upon on – Glenis
  • Trails are softer to run on. – Janis
  • Quicker recovery in cool weather- Janis
  • You can wear more clothing leaving less skin exposed to the sun and bugs – Janis
  • My hair isn’t as frizzy – Janis
  • There is water in the creeks – Janis
  • The farmers are a little happier – Janis
  • Deer flies don’t buzz around in the rain – Janis
  • No sweat marks in the office  – Janis
  • No frying in the sun when volunteering at races – Janis

We know this weather is better than last winter, and that alone is something to be happy about, burrr, but a little heat would go along way to make us feel like we had a summer.


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#100happydays Day 74 Pictures are up from the Rockstar!

#100happydays Day 74 Pictures are up from the Rockstar!

Photographer Phil has done an excellent and speedy job of going through the 1000 images he took on Saturday and posting the best of them to his site,

Click on the image below or here to go right to all the great photos!

Rockstar Paddler

Rockstar Paddler

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#100happydays Day 73 Bugs on the bathroom wall.

#100happydays Day 73 Bugs on the bathroom wall.

When I was camping earlier this month, a midnight trip to the loo found me face to face with this bug on the bathroom wall.

This little fellow was just hanging around. At 1 in the morning, he looked pretty darn big!

This little fellow was just hanging around. At 1 in the morning, he looked pretty darn big!

The bathroom was full of creepy crawlies, banging against the light and scurrying up the wall. This particular creature looks like a harvestman. Did you know that a harvestman or daddy long legs isn’t a spider even though it is from the arachnids family as are scorpions, mites and ticks? A spider has two body parts but this fellow only has one.

I found this on the Henderson State University website:

Harvestmen essentially have an oval body without the separation. They also do not produce silk or a web. They are not true spiders. Venom produced by spiders helps them in their role as predators, but harvestmen do not need venom because they are scavengers. They feed by searching over the ground or over plants for small insects, eggs, or dead material (either plant or animal). For protection, harvestmen can produce defensive chemicals that taste and smell bad. The Harvestman, or Grand-daddy Longlegs Is Not a Spider

You might be wondering why this is part of #100happydays, after all no one wants to run into a yucky bug unexpectedly. Well, with all the running in the woods, all the bushwhacking and swamp stomping Glenis and I have done, although we don’t like being surprised by them, we have pretty much given up on being squeamish about bugs. Isn’t that’s something to be happy about.

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#100happydays Day 72 The Rockstar

#100happydays Day 72 The Rockstar

Another great day volunteering! You might have read before that the Rockstar is our favorite adventure race and it still is! Today we were stationed at CP31, the stand-up paddleboard station. As with all but a couple of mandatory check points, CP31 was optional. Teams came to us either on foot or by canoe and one racer in the team was required to stand-up paddle board through a course about 30-40 meters long. During the paddle they were required to pick up a flag from a floating buoy and bring it back to us before they could punch the CP completed.

Paddle boards

Paddle boards

Everyone who did it said it was challenging. Considering they had just ridden their bikes 25K and then either run or hopped in a canoe to get to us, their wobbly legs were put to the test. Many of them told us their feet cramped just trying to grip the board

Sorting out canoes

Sorting out canoes

It was great to see all the young kids out who were participating in the 4 hour race. These 10-12 year olds really put their parents to the test. Those who tried the stand-up paddleboard were great.

A younster waiting for her Dad to paddle in.

A youngster waiting for her Dad to paddle in.

After 7 hours at our station we had about 50 teams go through, had a lot of laughs and got some great photos. Phil, the photographer, stood in the water up to his waist for the entire time anyone was on the course. He must have been out there at least 6 hours. We did take a little break during a lull in the middle of the afternoon to attempt a game of beach volley ball. We are not Olympic contenders. You will be able to see Phil’s photos on in a few days.

Phil the Photographer

Phil the Photographer

As usual, Bark Lake’s staff pulled together an excellent dinner for all the racers and volunteers. No, yogurt cups and bananas here, it was lasagna with salad and ice cream Sundays for desert. After dinner we gave race director Sean a hug and said good bye to all our friends to leave the racers to enjoy their evening. They all stepped outside their comfort zones today and deserved the great after party.

The Blister Sisters

The Blister Sisters

Explaining the course

Explaining the course

It really is a beautiful place to paddle.

It really is a beautiful place to paddle.


Click HERE to see more of my pictures from the day.

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#100happydays Day 71 Packing up for the Rockstar

#100happydays Day 71 Packing up for the Rockstar

A lot of things happened today, but the packing up for the Rockstar was the most fun! We are going with a fun beach theme, even though the weather tomorrow isn’t idea for the beach.

Packing up for the Rockstar

Packing up for the Rockstar

My hubby and I stopped into the dollar store for a few props they it was off to Glenis’s for the last minute pick up of signage and seating. Tomorrow morning should be a quick pack-up and off we go to our next volunteer gig at the best adventure race in Ontario! Stay tuned for pictures!

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#100happydays Day 70 Annual Customer Appreciation at Running Free

#100happydays Day 70  Annual Customer Appreciation at Running Free

Yup, it’s that time of year again. Mid summer, time for the Annual Customer Appreciation at Running Free. Lots of great deals and best of all we get to see all our running friends when they come in for those great deals!

Glenis with some of that staff and Running Free team athletes who came in to help at the sale.

Glenis with some of that staff and Running Free team athletes who came in to help at the sale.

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#100happydays Day 69 Sharing families

#100happydays Day 69 Sharing families

When you are “sisters” you share everything! Between us we have 6 boys, one girl and one grandson. So Glenis and I share a beautiful daughter, Kaeli and a cute as a button grandson, Jax. How lucky is that?

Jax and Kaeli

Jax and Kaeli

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#100happydays Day 68 – Family Photos

#100happydays Day 68 – Family Photos

Photographer Phil was asked to take some family photos of the Mclaren clan. I went along as the assistant. We had so much fun with that group, what a nice evening with a crazy family!

Too funny, trying to get a family portrait of the Mclaren's!

Too funny, trying to get a family portrait of the Mclaren’s!

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