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12/150 Back on the trail! 

Yay! We are back racing! Well that’s is debatable, racing that is, but the Sisters ran the Iroquois Trail Test today! Beautiful day, challenging course, lots of heart pumping fun. we even had an awesome guest with us, Cecilia! The three of us rock the course, and yes there were tons of rocks, and hills and more rocks, a true Test! Yay for us! 

Thanks for remembering to take this photo, Cecilia!

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11/150 UKFAST Manchester 10k

Sunday morning Glenis ran the UKFAST UKFAST WE LOVE MANCHESTER 10K. That lucky girl is visiting the UK for a few weeks and decided she better run a little bit while she is there!

“The UKFast We Love Manchester 10k is known for its fast route and friendly atmosphere as well as its popularity in the region – commonly known as ‘the peoples race’. We welcome runners of all abilities, in this the perfect 10k event to beat your personal best, meet other runners and to raise money for charity, with over 3,000 entrants in 2016” according to their website.

It sounds like it was a lot of fun. She said it was a really hot day but I know Glenis, she loves the heat she would have been grinning ear to ear!

Glenis is having a great time visiting the UK, she has even taken a side trip to Spain.

I wish I was over there to run with my sister, and cheer her on. I know she missed me trotting by her side. She did send over a few pictures of her accomplishment!

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8/150 Pride Parade! 

Last Saturday was the Pride Parade in town! Glenis had a prime spectator seat as it wound by the store. She said the parade was great, the crowds so deep along the side walk that she took a ladder out to sit on top of it so she could see and take these great pictures! 

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7/150. Girls sleep over! 

What every gal needs is a time to hang out with her running friends, which usually are her best friends! We had a wonder 23 hours with our closest running friends. The four of us got together during our marathons days years ago, so it was great to get together to reminisce, catch up with each other and to plan another adventure.

 The last adventure we had was a little mountain climbing last year in the Adirondacks. After a lot of laughter this years plans are well under way for another great adventure. 

A little hiking, a lot of laughing, love these girls! 

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#happydays Killbear and Snakes!

Killbear and Snakes!

I was lucky enough to go camping this past weekend with hubby Photographer Phil. It was a perfect fall weekend, sunny and warm.

We journeyed up to Killbear Provincial Park. Usually we head over to Algonquin but I decided that we should try something different. I cheated a bit. I booked us in to a site that had electricity. After all it was the fall and I knew I would be cold so I lugged along my electric blanket and a small heater for the tent. We chuckled because we had the only tent in our campground. We were surrounded by beautiful motor homes and trailers.

Our site was really nice, considering I picked it from the web. It was surrounded by oak trees, and it was raining acorns! As soon as we got out of the car, we could hear them falling all around us. I’ve never seen so many!

The other thing I saw when I got out of the car and wandered over to the road to place our site pass on the post was what I thought at first was a large rubber snake. It was on the side of the road with part of its body in the grass. So I am walking along thinking “Gee, that was a huge snake…I wonder if it’s real…No it can’t be, it didn’t move when I almost stepped on it…hum… it must be a kid’s rubber snake…but when I turn around maybe I will find a stick to give it a poke just to be sure…”


I turned around and it stuck its tongue out at me! “Quick Photographer Phil. Get over here!”


Our “anaconda” size snake slithered around into our site, at a lazy pace and stretched right out as it slithered over towards the bush beside the site. (I checked at that point for a rattle on its tail but there wasn’t one.) At one point it picked up the pace and whipped along, disappearing into the weeds beside the creek at the back of our site. Too Cool! He had to be about 3 feet long with a small head and a rather plump body.

The next day we wandered over to the Visitor center with our cameras and showed the young gals working there our snake. They instantly recognized it as a Northern Water Snake. According to the web it is a pretty common snake to our area and completely harmless unless you are a frog.

OntarioNature. org:

“The northern watersnake can be found in and around almost any permanent body of fresh water within its range, including lakes, rivers and wetlands. Rarely far from shoreline habitats, these snakes can be found in shoreline vegetation, basking on rocks and logs, or in other open habitats along the edges of the water or under rocks along the shoreline. Northern watersnakes hibernate underground in dens or crevices, or in beaver lodges.”

The actually bear their young live and feed on fish and amphibians. They are even curious and will investigate swimmers. Wouldn’t that scare the whatever out of you!

Here are a few pictures from our trip. I wonder if I can get Glenis to go camping at Killbear?

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#happydays 50K Done! Haliburtion Forest 100 – 50K

Haliburton Forest 50K

50K done!

A big thanks to Helen Malmberg and her crew for putting on another terrific race and to the Haliburton Forest Center for hosting it in their beautiful forest.

There are a few lessons to learn running this type of race.

  • It is an emotional experience, you might cry.
  • You will have a lot of time to think about things. Be grateful.
  • Your feet will take a beating.
  • Recovery is a bitch.

We took our time on this race and did a little videography. Have a look at our movie of the race to see the beauty of this run.


Highlights of the run were:

  • The huge rain and electrical storm Friday night.
  • The forest.
  • Sleeping in the van in the rain.
  • The dark morning rain.
  • The beautiful single track trail.
  • The aid stations.
  • The 50k turn around.
  • Did I mention the forest?
  • The amazing runners that passed us. They were just awesome.
  • The gnomes.
  • The cheering at the finish line.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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#icebucketchallenge It’s our turn to help freeze out ALS

#icebucketchallenge and the Blister Sisters!

Thanks to my friends Melissa and Karen I was challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I nominated Glenis so that the Blister Sisters could do this challenge together. After Saturday’s long run was the perfect time to get ice water poured on us, after all ice is every runners friend! Now Jean and Al, it’s your turn!

Here is our challenge.

Now off to donate!

UP Date!

Did you hear! All of us who did the icy ice bucket challenge were directly responsible for a major break through in ALS! Click in this link to read more!



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#happydays 6AM Run

Morning runs

We had a great run this morning. The world seems so fresh and clean at 6am. We are luck that we work close to home; we have a good hour to ourselves to enjoy the run and the morning together.

Morning shadows

Morning shadows

Most people are just coming to the surface of their sleep at that time or climbing into their cars for the morning commute when we cruse by. This morning we ran into another early morning person and had a great conversation about the residential growth that is happening around our area. You just never know what you will find or who you will run into when you are out early, I mean how often do you run by a turtle laying eggs on your evening run?

Our quiet road

Our quiet road

There certainly are some benefits to running early. The best one for us is that we get our run in and out of the way before our day gets started. Our evenings are full of other obligations. If we leave our run until after work chances are we won’t fit into the day. Running in the morning sets us up for the day. We feel great physically and mentally and that puts us into a great mood for rest of the day.

Runners World has a great article on morning running. If you are thinking of switching up your evening routine or wondering in morning running will work for you, have a look.

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#happydays New Gear for the Long Run

Yesterday, we ran a great 35k.  For something a little different we decided to be driven out 35k and to run home. A point to point run rather than a loop or an out and back route. The down side of getting driven out is you get to see how far you really are running. 35k seems like long way to run when you are looking out a car window.

You have to plan ahead when you are running a long distance. Nutrition, hydration and even bathroom stops all have to be considered. There is also a mental game, getting your head around running that far for “fun” can be hard.

We pretty well have the food and drink under control, however the soreness and pain can be a real mental thing for both of us.

One thing that gets’ to me is how sore my joints are when I run long. My hips are achy during the run and for a few days after. Glenis always laughs when I exclaim 2k from the end that I just want to sit down.

Yesterday, I tried out a pair of CW-X compression shorts. Wow, I should have been listening to myself when I was pitching their benefits at Running Free! What a difference they made on how I felt during the run and how fast I recovered after. I wore a pair of Stabilyx Ventilator Shorts that are designed for joint support in the hips and core area.

For those of you who are not familiar with CW-X, all their products feature patented support webs. The support web is like kinetic taping that doesn’t come unstuck until you take the shorts off. The web design provides joint and muscle support. This support results in increased stability and balance, greater efficiency of movement, better shock resistance in your joints (I think this is what helped me), better circulation and better recovery. Oh yea and you don’t jiggle! Check out their website.

They are definitely going to be my “go to” shorts for our next “big” adventure in September. They are surprising comfortable to wear and I didn’t look nearly as bad as I thought I would in compression shorts (according to my Blister Sister). Now, I just hope that it isn’t really cold the day of our September race or I’ll be stopping at the store to pick a pair of the tights!

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#100happydays Day 92 Finding the perfect running route.

#100happydays Day 92  Finding the perfect running route.

Finding a running route is kind of important whenever you run. We find that our run will always end up short if we don’t have a plan. Before deciding on a route we discuss our goals for the run and 99% of the time we are on the same page.

Checking out a running route on the Ipad

Planning out a running route on the ipad over a morning coffee. We are all set for our long run in the morning.

We think about the scenery, hills, traffic, air quality, footing and how far we want to run while considering the weather and our goals. There is nothing like a smoggy, flat, busy, broken road to shorten our run. Trail running adds some additional considerations like the bug activity in the bush, how technical is the trail is we are considering and how much rain fall had occurred in the days before we want to run.

There are lots of great websites and apps to help you find and tweak a route. In most of them you can even save your route so that you can run it again.

Map My Run (there’s an app for that) Google Map Pedometer and Running all work great. We are sure there are more out there, have a look.


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