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#Happydays – Frostbite!

It’s been crazy cold lately, almost too cold to run. Almost but not quite. Running in -22C (-7F) requires some precautions before you set out. Even though you think you are prepared things can happen. Just look at my sister’s Frost Nipped ear! Those dangly earrings will conduct cold quiet easily when it’s -22C. When we ran the next day she took the precaution of slipping on a pair of ear bags to protect her damaged ear lobe.

Frostbit is something that can happen to anyone out in the extreme cold, not just arctic explorers. People in more temperate climates can get it too when the temperature plunges and the wind whips up.

If you skin pales or turns red, gets is very cold, hard or waxy looking you just might have frostbite. You don’t have to have all these symptoms to succumb to frost nip, a milder form of frostbite.

There are three degrees of frostbite. Frostnip is a mild form and usually affects your face, ears or finger tips and toes. Superficial frostbite is more serious and affects the outer layer of your skin. Deep frostbite is when the underlying tissues freeze and can cause permanent damage.

You want to be careful when you warm skin that you suspect has been frostbitten. Warm water is the safest way. There is a lot of information on the web on how to treat frostbite. Although if I thought it was serious I would just head to medical clinic. I do know there are things you shouldn’t do like rub or massage frostbitten skin or break any blisters that form.

We had a little chuck about the close call we had with frostbite and took extra precautions running the next day. Our run in the forest was in beautiful bright sunshine and we were out of the wind. Hopefully now that March had arrived we will be putting that nasty frigid cold behind us and we can get on with our training in some more traditional March weather, LOL

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