#100happydays Day 100 We did it!

#100happydays Day 100 We did it!

We did it! We found something to be happy about every day for 100 days! You know something, it was easy! But we aren’t going to stop now, every day there is something to be happy about and we will continue to share our happy days!

Fun finds us and that makes us happy!

It’s easy to be happy with friends!

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#100happydays Day 99 Caring Friends

#100happydays Day 99    Caring Friends

We have so many caring friends. They laugh with us at our adventures and caution us when we come up with wacky plans. We are truly blessed with great friends.

One of our friends presented us with beautiful handmade matching Blister Sister bracelets that she made for us.

Friendships Bracelet

Friendship Bracelet

She was really thoughtful when she selected the natural materials to use when she made them.

The beads include:

Hematite: Activity, stamina, tiredness, calming, travel stress, eyes and blood.
Howlite: Resilience, competing, bones and teeth
Quartzite: stabilizes positive changes by anchoring them in the fabric of your physical and subtle bodies. It helps prevent you from slipping back to your old stage after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing therapy or spiritual experience. Quartzite also ensures that changes do not occur so rapidly that your overall balance is upset. It holds the reins and prevents changes from occurring too swiftly.
Onyx: Provides strength
Silver: offers a soothing and calming energy, invokes intuition dream love attracts prosperity
Endless/Eternal Knot: eternal love and friendship, wisdom and compassion.

They are lovely to wear and when we do we are active, resilience, stable, strong, calm and full of love and compassion!

Blister Sister Bracelets

Blister Sister Bracelets

Thanks Sheila!

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#100happydays Day 98 Foggy morning run

#100happydays Day 98   Foggy morning run.

You can tell the fall is coming now. The last few mornings have been dark and foggy. Today was humid too as we patted out our 10k run.

Early morning risers see the fog, usually it is burnt off by the time regular people get up. Fog is a cloud that occurs at the earth’s surface. It consists on tiny water droplets suspended in the air. Mist is similar to fog except it is less dense and generally contains larger water droplets which when heavy enough fall to the ground. That’s why you always feel damper in mist than in fog.

Foggy morning run, you can just see the sun trying to burn through it.

Foggy morning run, you can just see the sun trying to burn through it.

This is what I found out about morning fog:

At night, the heat from the earth radiates back into space. Early in the morning, the temperature is lower near the ground than above. This is called an inversion. When it happens, the warm air doesn’t rise and as the temperature falls below the so-called dew point temperature near the ground, if there is enough humidity in the air, haze and, eventually fog, will form. This is increased in some places like in valleys where the colder air from the surrounding hills falls down in the valley at night. Sometimes it even creates a wind called a katabatic wind. If, in addition, there is a lake or large body of water in the valley, the humidity will be high and so will be the risk of seeing early morning fog. If, in addition, this is an industrial region, pollution will increase the change to see the fog to condense on particles of smoke or dust. (Thanks Yahoo)

This happens mostly when under a high pressure when the air sinks from above and when there is little or no wind. In a windy situation, the air mixes and there is less chance to see fog.

There are different kinds of fog too.

Radiation fog occurs during long, clear nights, typically in autumn, when the land warmed by the sun during the day radiates heat into space. Under relatively calm and humid conditions, the air in contact with the ground can be cooled below its dew point, causing some of the water vapor in the air to condense into fog. This fog tends to develop in valleys and hollows. Radiation fog that extends only a short distance above the ground is called ground fog and is usually dispersed by the morning sun. This is the inversion mentioned about and is what we dealt with this morning.

Advection fog is caused by the movement of a mass of air across the earth’s surface. Such a fog may occur at any time of day and sometimes covers a very large area. Most advection fog develops when warm, moist air rides in over a cold surface—land, ice, or water. A large volume of air is cooled below its dew point, forming a thick blanket of fog that may persist for days, drifting with the wind. Advection fog often develops along seacoasts where warm air comes in contact with cold ocean currents. Noted foggy regions include parts of North and South America’s Pacific coast and the coasts of the northeastern United States, the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, and northwestern Europe. Sometimes advection fog is formed when a mass of air is forced across rising terrain, such as the slope of a mountain. As the air reaches greater elevations, its pressure decreases. The drop in pressure produces a phenomenon called adiabatic cooling, which may sufficiently cool the air to cause its water vapor to begin to condense. Fog that develops in this manner is called upslope fog.

Evaporation fog occurs when the amount of moisture in the air is increased beyond the saturation point by the evaporation of water that is warmer than the air. This process is similar to the condensation of steam rising from a teakettle. Evaporation fog sometimes forms in irregular columns rising from the surface of water; such fog is commonly called steam fog.

Ice fog occurs in severely cold weather. The water vapor in air that has become saturated can form into ice crystals instead of droplets of water. Fog containing ice crystals is relatively rare and generally occurs only in polar regions. In the northwestern United States, ice fog is known as pogonip. (Thanks How Stuff Works)


And that’s your weather report for the day! (Thank you Google)

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#100happydays Day 97 Angel Fishing?

#100happydays Day 97   Angel Fishing?

Today was hill day, there isn’t much to say about that, it’s what we did afterwards that made us chuckle.

Back on the 4th of August we did the Bad Ass Dash obstacle race. We had a great time except when Glenis was crawling across the floating dock squares she dropped her beloved angel pendent into the pond.

Glenis on the floating dock supports in the Bad Ass

Glenis on the floating dock supports in the Bad Ass

This pretty angel pendant was special to her, she has a thing for angels and she found this one in an antique store. So she decided to take the day off to go and try to find it. Well, I couldn’t let her go on an adventure like that by herself so I joined her. Sometimes we can’t believe what we get into!

The lost pendant

The lost pendant

So the adventure began. We headed off to the rental store to rent a metal detector. The guy there was sort of amused with the story but he pulled out a long yellow stick like device that let out a static whine when he passed it near any metal. Off we went to the Roc in Keswick.

We didn’t tell the Roc people we were going to wade in their pond, we just parked and pulled out our sieve, shovels and the metal detector then strolled over to the pond. Glenis had memorized exactly where she was when she noticed the pendent plop into the water. Well things looked a little different 3 weeks later. The water wasn’t particularly clear, the bottom of the pond was weedy and silty and as soon as you stepped in it clouded up. We stood looking into the pond, deciding how to tackle the search and trying to figure out how to turn on the metal detector which had suddenly stopped working.

Planning our search and trying to get the darn detector to work

Planning our search and trying to get the darn detector to work

Finally with the detector buzzing away, Glenis stepped in the pond and I followed. The silt rose, the weeds swayed and the minnows hid away but no angel appeared. The metal detector buzzed and squealed but it seemed to be whining at every rock and weed, it didn’t seem to give us any direction.


We looked here too, but neither of us were willing to waist deep into the weeds.

We looked here too, but neither of us were willing to wade waist deep into the weeds.

Meanwhile we had been noticed, and an employee, who, trying to look very stern, drove over to shoo us out of the pond sighting insurance liability or something. He must have though we were nuts, two women wading in a pond on private property.

By then we realized unless we could get the pond drained it was a loss cause and the angel was gone.

So we packed up a little dejected to return the darn metal detector. When we got back to the rental place, they asked how our search went. We told them the story of the search, and they were so nice they didn’t charge us for the detector! Sweet!

So while we were in the rental place we had a look around. Check out this wrench, who the heck could use this wrench, a giant?

Holy Cow! You would need one huge tool box to store that wrench!

Holy Cow! You would need one huge tool box to store that wrench!


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#100happydays Day 96 Lunch’n’Learn

#100happydays Day 96  Lunch’n’Learn

I had the opportunity today to talk to people about running. My “day job” company offers lunch and learns a couple of times a week and I was asked to talk about running. We are getting a team going to run/walk the Terry Fox Run on September 14th and we thought they could use some pointers about shoes and clothing and general new runner information.

Glenis helped pull my props together, shoes, clothes, sports bras, and socks and helped me decide what I should cover. We both have been leading running workshops for a number of years so setting one up is pretty easy for us.

The turned out that the event made it an intimate affair but that was great because I could address questions and the following discussions right away. I am always surprised how comfortable I feel talking about running; I really enjoy sharing my knowledge with newbies.

I covered safety first because I feel that is one of the most important things new runners should consider beside their shoes. Many runners throw being safe out the window when they are out on their run.

  1. Do run in a safe area – on the sidewalk, or facing light traffic. (If the traffic is heavy find another place to run) or on a trail
  2. Do wear something reflective – day and night
  3. If running at night do have a light – either carry a flash light or use some of the running specific lighting.
  4. Follow the pedestrian traffic rules. You can’t out run a car when you are crossing against the light.
  5. Tell someone or leave a note of your planned route.
  6. Watch for cars backing up.

Next I covered shoes and clothing. Running shoes always surprise people. New runners generally don’t give a lot of thought about the shoes they are going to trust their knees and back to. A lot of questions followed the tips I gave about pronation and foot type. I showed them how to do the wet test to see how their arches stacked up. Then we talked about the right socks and clothing that can make all the difference in how you feel when running. (click on image for larger view)

I touched on hydration too. I advised them not to let the race director dictate when they should drink, it’s you event, your body, you decide! Dehydration slows you down and can be the cause of blisters! You need water to keep your joints lubricated and your mind functioning. During your run take water with you and drink often.

Stretching and injuries are always a concern for new runners. I explained the difference between dynamic and static stretching and how to tell if you are really injured or if your body is just adjusting to the impact you are now putting it through.

I think the group enjoyed the talk and learned something about the sport they are getting involved in. I guess we’ll know when they show up at the store for shoes!

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#100happydays Day 95 Spied a ball on our run

#100happydays Day 95  Spied a ball on our run

It was another interesting run this morning. We were running along, chatting about the weekend when I noticed a large white ball to our left. There was something about the color of it that made me go have a look. It was a puffball mushroom a little bigger than a hand.

This one is a hand full!

This one is a hand full!

I’m getting to know mushroom pretty well, although not enough to go mushroom picking. Once we were running in the early fall through a foggy damp forest and there were mushrooms everywhere, all different kinds. They were growing in circles along the drip line of the trees. Glenis and I thought it was so cool. When Glenis brought her husband back to see them, the mushrooms were gone, like she had dreamt we saw them. That’s when we found out about mushroom pickers!

This one today was remarkable because it is one of the biggest I have seen since I was a kid. Although not a large puffball, (they can get huge), it was pretty big for a mushroom around here. (I think people pick them before they get huge) Glenis was surprised on how firm it felt, they are pretty solid.

Puffball mushroom, just minding it's own business

Puffball mushroom, just minding it’s own business

Puffball mushroom cam be eaten, they are fleshy and apparently taste good fried in butter. (We won’t eating this one). You might see one when you are out and about, they grow in meadows and even on lawns and are big enough to be noticeable. They always grow on the ground and they grow all over our area in the late summer to early fall. Once they turn brownish, it means they are or have gone to spore and they are not edible anymore. Apparently the best time to pick them is when the white exterior cracks and white interior shows through. The key word here is white, (Check this link) not any other color or you could be in trouble.

It was kind of hard to miss, even in this blurry cellphone picture

It was kind of hard to miss, even in this blurry cellphone picture

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#100happydays Day 94 Found a quarter

#100happydays Day 94 Found a quarter

We found a quarter on the road yesterday during our long run. Of course I picked it up. As I did Glenis asked if that meant we were now paid athletes?

Paid Athletes?

Paid Athletes?

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#100happydays Day 93 An eventful 30k

#100happydays Day 93 An eventful 30k


Yesterday I wrote of the important of planning your running route. We set our goal – 30K – and planned our route and even started out at the designated time.

Quiet roads.

Quiet roads.


The weather was great as we cruised along our favorite road. Feeling pretty good we started to run over the new overpass that is almost finished being built. Humm, apparently that wasn’t a good idea, (but it was last week). This week we were greeted by a fellow in a truck who told us not to run on the new overpass yet and that he would “escort” us over the bridge but that we shouldn’t come back that way. Oh oh, we might have to re-think our route.

Running along the back roads can be so relaxing, very few cars were out this morning and we only pass one peloton of cyclists. The grapes were hanging from the vines, the jewel weeds were in bloom and the soybean fields looked lush.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We just passed onto the 4 concession road when we heard a large vehicle coming up behind us. The road was a little narrow at that point. As we turned to see what was coming up on us, we were a little surprised to see a large farm tractor with duel back wheels pulling a double liquid manure spreader. Wow, we had to step off the road to let it pass. Then the smell hit us! It was so strong you could taste it! GROSS! This is when we decided to not follow our planned route. We made the decision to turn back to the corner and run north instead of following behind the smelliest thing out there.

This is what we ran away from, what a smell!

This is what we ran away from, what a smell!

From there on we use the Garmin to help us decide our alternate route, 15k out and then we figured out how to get back while avoiding the overpass.

We were there and now we are here

We were there and now we are here

It was a beautiful day for a run. The weather was a little overcast, and the temperature was on the cool side but the rain held off until we were home eating great omelets whipped up by Glenis’s husband!

Another thing to remember about planning your route – be adaptable.

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#100happydays Day 92 Finding the perfect running route.

#100happydays Day 92  Finding the perfect running route.

Finding a running route is kind of important whenever you run. We find that our run will always end up short if we don’t have a plan. Before deciding on a route we discuss our goals for the run and 99% of the time we are on the same page.

Checking out a running route on the Ipad

Planning out a running route on the ipad over a morning coffee. We are all set for our long run in the morning.

We think about the scenery, hills, traffic, air quality, footing and how far we want to run while considering the weather and our goals. There is nothing like a smoggy, flat, busy, broken road to shorten our run. Trail running adds some additional considerations like the bug activity in the bush, how technical is the trail is we are considering and how much rain fall had occurred in the days before we want to run.

There are lots of great websites and apps to help you find and tweak a route. In most of them you can even save your route so that you can run it again.

Map My Run (there’s an app for that) Google Map Pedometer and Running map.com all work great. We are sure there are more out there, have a look.


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#100happydays, Day 91 Anchor Park

#100happydays, Day 91 Anchor Park

We ran through Anchor Park today and we stopped for a minute to look at the huge old anchor resting there that gives the park its name.

An old image of the anchor

An old image of the anchor. I’m not sure what Anchor of Emily May, Bradford means but this is the anchor in Anchor Park.


The history of the anchor dates back to the War of 1812. The Anchor was manufactured in Chatham, England and transported by ocean to Quebec and then overland to Kingston, there is was loaded on another ship and sent to York (Toronto). Back then winter roads were not easy to travel so it was hauled by oxen on a catapult sleigh to the Holland Landing Depot on Soldier’s Bay and the south end of Lake Simcoe. By the time the anchor got to Soldier’s Bay the war was over so the army just left it there.

Holland's Landing Depot on Soldier's Bay

Holland’s Landing Depot on Soldier’s Bay

It ended up in the current park when a group of residents asked the government for land for a park. They must have felt that having a huge anchor resting in the park would make a good display because they rescued the anchor from being melted down and established it in the park.

The Anchor Park Anchor

The Anchor Park Anchor

It is kind of cool to look at the plaque in the park showing old photographs of people sitting and standing on the anchor from so long ago and knowing that you can do the same today.

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