#100happydays Day 95 Spied a ball on our run

#100happydays Day 95  Spied a ball on our run

It was another interesting run this morning. We were running along, chatting about the weekend when I noticed a large white ball to our left. There was something about the color of it that made me go have a look. It was a puffball mushroom a little bigger than a hand.

This one is a hand full!

This one is a hand full!

I’m getting to know mushroom pretty well, although not enough to go mushroom picking. Once we were running in the early fall through a foggy damp forest and there were mushrooms everywhere, all different kinds. They were growing in circles along the drip line of the trees. Glenis and I thought it was so cool. When Glenis brought her husband back to see them, the mushrooms were gone, like she had dreamt we saw them. That’s when we found out about mushroom pickers!

This one today was remarkable because it is one of the biggest I have seen since I was a kid. Although not a large puffball, (they can get huge), it was pretty big for a mushroom around here. (I think people pick them before they get huge) Glenis was surprised on how firm it felt, they are pretty solid.

Puffball mushroom, just minding it's own business

Puffball mushroom, just minding it’s own business

Puffball mushroom cam be eaten, they are fleshy and apparently taste good fried in butter. (We won’t eating this one). You might see one when you are out and about, they grow in meadows and even on lawns and are big enough to be noticeable. They always grow on the ground and they grow all over our area in the late summer to early fall. Once they turn brownish, it means they are or have gone to spore and they are not edible anymore. Apparently the best time to pick them is when the white exterior cracks and white interior shows through. The key word here is white, (Check this link) not any other color or you could be in trouble.

It was kind of hard to miss, even in this blurry cellphone picture

It was kind of hard to miss, even in this blurry cellphone picture

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