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#100happydays Day 36 Lacing Up for our Morning Run

#100happydays Day 35  Lacing up for our morning run.

#100happydays Lacing up for our morning run

#100happydays Lacing up for our morning run.

Did you know that there are 100’s of ways to tie running shoes? The way you tie your shoe can affect the fit and feel of your shoes. Ian’s Shoelace Site  mentions 41 different ways of lacing shoes for comfort, fit and to reduce pain. Runner’s World has some excellent articles on lacing to prevent injury and relieve pain. Check them out.

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#100happydays Day 35 Shadows

#100happydays Day 35 Shadows

It was a beautiful early morning run, sunny and warming up and we had a guest out this morning!

#100happydays - Just the 3 of us!

#100happydays – Just the 3 of us!

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#100happydays Day 34 Watch out for it!

#100happydays Day 34  Watch out for it!

Love the trails but not the Poison Ivy! It’s good we know what it looks like. I heard the Jewel Weed is an natural antidote to the rash the the ivy can give you, but we don’t want to find out if it’s true! The picture here is from this mornings run.

Toxicodendron radicans, commonly known as poison ivy ,is a poisonous North American and Asian flowering plant that is well known for causing an itching, irritating, and sometimes painful rash in most people who touch it, caused by urushiol, a clear liquid compound in the sap of the plant. It is variable in its appearance and habit, and despite its common name it is not a true ivy. T. radicans is commonly eaten by many animals and the seeds are consumed by birds, but is most often thought of as a weed. Wikipedia

#100happydays Day 34 Watch out for it!

We are seeing a lot of poison ivy along the trails this year. Maybe it’s because we finally know what it looks like!

Did you know: (from the Healthy Canadians website)

  •     Poison ivy belongs to the same plant family as the trees producing the mango and the cashew nut.
  •     Urushiol oil is so potent that only one nanogram (billionth of a gram) is needed to cause a rash.
  •     No animal can get a rash from poison ivy, but they can get the urushiol oil on their fur.
  •     Goats and other grazers eat poison ivy, and birds eat the seeds.
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#100happydays Day 33 No running tonight!

#100happydays Day 33 No running tonight!

Wow is the rain ever coming down, no running tonight. Funnel clouds, hail and heavy rain a long with thunder and lightening will keep us inside the store. Just hanging out with my sister!

Heavy rain and tornado threats are keeping us indoors.

Heavy rain and tornado threats are keeping us indoors.

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#100happydays Day 32 Memories in worn out shoes

#100happydays Day 32 Memories in worn out shoes

Worn out shoes

While tiding up my shoe box, I look at all my worn out shoes and remember where they have taken me and the fun I’ve had in them. I just want to keep them because they store all those memories.

#100happydays Worn out Shoes

This is a pair of Brooks Adrenaline shoes that I wore for a Halliburton Forest 50k.


Running Free has a good thing going for worn out shoes. They collect them for recycling to send to feet that need shoes. Most running shoes that we think are too worn out to run in still have life in them for someone who doesn’t have any shoes. Nick and his team ship them off to places like Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Cuba, Bolivia – and to aid services in Canada. I have had people come into the store and thank me for the shoes they got through our collection and recycling program. So that’s probably where my shoes with memories are going, to collect more memories.

Running Free's shoe collection box

Go into any Running Free to drop off your worn out running shoes. They’ll make sure that they get a new pair of feet.

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#100happydays Day 31 2nd Annual Brother/Sister Walk/Run

2nd Annual Brother/Sister Walk/Run

#100happy days Day 31
Glenis and Alan do their 2nd Annual Brother/Sister Walk/Run
Alan leaves Ajax and Glenis leaves Holland Landing and we walk run towards each other!
Alan made it 15 miles (Alan is a mile guy) while Glenis ran 25km before her first walk break and finished at 35km!

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#100happydays Day 30 Volunteering at ESAR!

#100happydays Day 30

We had a crazy great day volunteering at EASR today over in Paisley Ontario. EASR is geared to emergency services personnel but there is a civilian division too. We were hoping to participate this year but an injury has put us in volunteer mode. It was a perfect day for riding, running and paddling. Congratulations to all the participants, you did great!

We had a blast setting up our CP in full Blister Sister mode!

#100happydays Day 30 Bikes!

#100happydays Day 30 Bikes!


#100happydays Checking out the Map

#100happydays Checking out the Map

#100happydays Day 30 Gear Check

#100happydays Day 30 Gear Check

#100happydays Day 30 CP2

#100happydays Day 30 CP2

#100happydays Day 30 Hi James!

#100happydays Day 30 Hi James!

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#100happydays Day 29 Poppies on Doane Road

#100happydays Day 29

Our morning run on Doane Road this morning took us by this vibrant stand of poppies growing in the ditch. They have been growing there for years, and each spring look just beautiful!

#100happydays Day 29 Doane Road 1 - Poppies

#100happydays Day 29 Vibrant poppies in the ditch.

Doane Road is our favorite road to run, we have logged a lot of miles on that road and have tons of memories. Sadly Doane will be upgraded to a 4 lane commuter road in the next few years and probably our poppies will be gone.

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#100happydays Day 28 Turtle Eggs

#100happydays Day 28 Turtle Eggs

This morning’s run was kind of special; we came across a large snapping turtle laying her eggs. Now that’s not something you see every day!

#100happdays Day 26 Glenis and mom turtle

#100happdays Day 28 Glenis and mom turtle. Check out the concern on Glen’s face! You always worry about a mom giving “birth”

Here is a little information on the snapping turtle from the Nature Ontario website.

In Ontario, females do not begin to breed until they are 17 to 19 years old. They dig a nest in late May or June in an open area, usually one with loose, sandy soil. The nest site is often the side of a road, an embankment or a shoreline, but the females will use almost any area they can excavate. A single clutch usually consists of between 40 and 50 eggs, which hatch in the fall. Hatchlings are two to three centimeters in length. The incubation temperature of the eggs determines the gender of the hatchlings.

Approximately 90 percent of their diet consists of dead animal and plant matter, and this species plays an important role in keeping lakes and wetlands clean. Adult snapping turtles have few natural enemies, but both hibernating and young adults are occasionally victims of opportunistic predation by otters and mink. Raccoons, foxes, skunks and opossums often eat snapping turtle eggs.

Unlike most other Ontario turtles, the snapping turtle has a very small plastron and cannot withdraw into its shell for protection when threatened. Therefore, on land this turtle’s only defense from predators is to snap repeatedly and scare them away. In water the snapping turtle rarely snaps at people or other potential threats and will simply swim away if threatened.

I found it hard to believe it is actually legal to hunt these animals even though their populations are in decline. We hope these little eggs survive.

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#100happydays Day 27 Painted Nails

#100happydays Painted Nails  Day 27. What do you think?

#100happydays - Day 27 Painted Nails!

#100happydays – Day 27 Painted Nails!

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